Sir Chris Hoy Calls Out Commonwealth Couple

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny

When Laura Trott was named to represent Team England, she showed the exuberance of a child waking up on the morning of Christmas. She remarked at her being included to Team England.

“I’m delighted to be representing England at the Commonwealth Games in August. Nothing beats putting on national kit and competing for your home nation. I’ll try my best to do everyone proud.”

But, that exuberance changed to a kid who received a lump of coal as a present underneath the Christmas tree. Sounding more like a prom queen runner up, Trott stated:

“A lot of people don’t even take it seriously. It’s the same with a lot of countries. I went to Delhi as a youngster and there was barely anyone there.”

Trott’s love interest, Jason Kenny, shares the same sentiment.

“…members of the public probably see the Commonwealths as second only to the Olympics but, when you’re actually involved in the sport, it doesn’t seem that way. It gets devalued a bit.”

The problem is that not everyone shares their opinion. Sir Chris Hoy called out the Commonwealth couple.

“Jason has not been to a Commonwealth Games yet. Laura has but the one in Delhi was maybe not the best representation of how good cycling at the games can be.”

In other words, don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Hoy cherished his time competing in the Commonwealth Games and quickly jumped to its defense.

“Remember this will be the biggest Commonwealth Games there has ever been, the facilities are second to none and there is still the afterglow of the London Olympics.”

Sir Chris Hoy has great memories of the Commonwealth Games and has the hardware to prove it.

Laura Trott has since attempted to downplay her comments and British Cycling has tried to quell the potential firestorm by releasing statements of their own.

Too little…too late.