Slippery when dry

slippery banana

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, it would NOT be ‘wear sun screen’.

It would be ‘do not wear SPD-SL cleats on a polished floor.’

Why? Do I really need to tell you?

Okay I will, the other day I was leaving work and the front door was being locked imminently, missing the window of opportunity leaving through it, would lead to a detour through the stockroom in semi darkness to the back door. So I rushed and as I took a left turn at the bakeware and saucepan stands, I slipped and ended up on the floor with a Giant Defy on top of me. All due to to large yellow plastic things screwed to my shoes not gripping the polished laminate very well.

Now here’s the rub, I have walked on this floor in said shoes hundreds of times and know the two don’t go together very well. I also know that common senses suggests I use MTB clipless pedals with SPD metal cleats for a commute as they last a hundred times longer than the larger road SL cleats and the shoes have grippier soles.

But they didn’t look right, so I went for the bike-snob factor and went for the proper road pedals and ended up on my arse.

I am sure you are dying to know the casualty list. It was my left cheek (face not arse) my right knee, the original equipment bike seat (it broke off it’s rails) and a rather large expensive frying pan.

The knee turned blue green and yellow and kept me off the bike for a week as I could hardly bend it. The bike seat has been replaced by a rather nice titanium railed replacement at a bargain twenty quid and I offered to buy the slightly dented frying pan.

And the C.C.T.V was being viewed for a laugh before I was even half way home.