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Will the World Hour Record bring cycling back roots cycling?

With Alex Dowsett and Sir Bradley Wiggins being the latest high profile cyclists to attempt to beat the World Hour record, what has changed to make the holy grail of cycling achievements "cool" again? It has been the most feared and gruelling test of a cyclist for over 100 years. However, during the late nineties, technology threatened to overshadow the cyclists ability, and helped create an era where recor ...

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Jens Voigt to race Chris Boardman (kinda)

German professional cyclist Jens Voigt looks forward to breaking the iconic “hour record” set by Czech Rider in a Swiss cycling arena on coming 18 September. The current highest mileage hour record was set by Chris Boardman in 1996 when he rode 56.375km using the now outlawed “Superman positioning technique”. In 2005, Ondrej Sosenka set the current record of 49.700 km using still lawful cycling methods. Voi ...

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“The Professor” Recieves a Hefty Halfords Payday

When a rider falls in love with the sport of cycling, he/she becomes consumed by it. They get natural highs when they experience the speed and stamina of the game. They train endlessly to gain milliseconds off of a stopwatch. And when they realise how good they are, they compete against other lovers of the game all over the world. A select few achieve success. They are showered with medals, praise from thei ...

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