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Va Va Froome Dominating the Dauphine, Thanks to Team and Fellow Riders

Tour de France favorite Chris Froome is dominating the Dauphine. He won the first two stages without major problems. But, as of today, it has not been that easy. He is still the overall leader, but he can thank Team Sky and his competition for that. His teammates have helped to secure his standing from rival Alberto Contador. In fact, it seems that during the fourth stage, Team Sky was looking to give up th ...

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The Schadenfreude of an Urban Cyclist

Perhaps something has made me petty and a bit nasty since strapping on two wheels and feeling threatened throughout my existence of city cycling. The first time I did Critical Mass, I loved every moment - I describe it as allow one to feel like a cyclist rather a rat - it's empowering, and may lead towards an anarchist ontology where power is relational, not given. But, that feeling of being a rat, perhaps, ...

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Marcel Kittel says ‘Don’t be a dick’

This post falls very much into the category of 'it sucks that it has to be said' but Marcel Kittel and Shimano have bumped skulls and punted out a video encouraging fans to look after themselves when out watching cycling.  Now, you'd think this would go without saying, especially following the horrible collision between Vansummeren and a spectator at the Tour of Flanders, but I guess there are folk out ther ...

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Bike vs Bus = Dickend

Watch this video... Fucking ow, right? My initial reaction was 'that's fucking nasty!', my second was 'what a fucking idiot'. Then, 'thank god he's alive' and finally 'I hope he never teaches anybody to cycle in his life, ever.' He is a grade-A dickend and a prime example of exactly how not to cycle in anywhere, especially one where cycling infrastructure is bollocks - such as London. There is a point to no ...

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Noah Granigan wins race, licks tarmac

We're not the sort of people who laugh at the misfortune of others, especially not when it comes to smearing flesh across tarmac.  The main reason we don't point and laugh when cyclists polish their lycra on the road is that without fail all writers at VeloBalls have done much the same thing at some point or other (and those who haven't almost definitely will).  Where 18 year old Noah Granigan differs from ...

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