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Astana ride on, but under close scrutiny

The Scottish legal system has an unusual alternative verdict to the familiar guilty or not guilty. The alternative is “not proven”, which has been interpreted before now as, “not guilty, but don’t do it again.” All this may or may not have something to do with today’s UCI decision not to remove the World Tour licence from Kazakh team Astana. There is, of course, nothing odd, nor funny, about a team that was ...

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Italian Military to get involved in dope testing

In what appears to be yet another chunk of evidence that Italians take their cycling extremely seriously, a division of the Italian Military has announced that they are going to take a larger role in dope testing professional cyclists.  You may have noticed that I said 'a larger role'.  Well spotted.  In Italy the NAS (Nuclei Antisofisticazione e Sanità), which is a police force that is technically a part o ...

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Alex Dowsett is now a Movi-star!

Nothing beats UCI Rad World Championship time trial preparations like finding out that you just scored a three year contract with Movistar – the Spanish Would Tour team. Except bacon; bacon beats everything! But congratulations, Alex Dowsett on bouncing back from missing the Tour de France spot and winning the Commonwealth gold in Glasgow; you are truly a time trial god! (So please bless us with a lifetime ...

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UCI to get dope on dope

New plans to form international anti-doping units will be formed in 2015 to provide equality in all cases, this was announced by UCI in a press release. The new independent body will be held responsible by UCI to deal with all doping cases involving international riders which are currently being handled by their respective national federations. This new decision is a followup of series of doping cases by th ...

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Armstrong’s Interesting Legal Tactic Fails to Get Civil Case Dismissed

While the court of public opinion may have finished ruling on Lance Armstrong months ago, the actual American court system appears to just be getting started. Earlier this week Judge Robert L. Wilkins denied a request by Armstrong to throw out a civil case originally brought to court by Armstrong’s former teammate Floyd Landis. The case itself centres on Armstrong’s time as a rider sponsored by the U.S. Pos ...

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