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Bike helmets maybe the worst thing to happen to society

If you want to raise apoplexy in a serious cyclist, mention helmets. No other subject is so guaranteed to drive them into a frenzy of indignation. (Something for which, it has to be said, serious cyclists do tend to have something of a talent.) What do they get so worked up about? Why don’t they just chill? And why do so many of them refuse to wear helmets, when they’re so obviously a good idea? Well, the t ...

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Think Horse Advert overcomes hurdles

Back in January an advert was launched by Cycling Scotland asking motorists to give cyclists more room. The slightly surreal advert shows cyclists as horses and tells motorists to treat cyclists as horses. It then explains that it doesn't mean feed them hay or make them jump fences like in the horse of the year show. What it did mean though was to give cyclists the room you would give a horse when passing t ...

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Brain mechanic say ‘pfffhhttt’ to bike helmets

Professional brain-tinkerer (neurosurgeon) Henry Marsh has chucked his tuppence-worth into the seemingly never-ending debate about whether we should be cladding our skulls in polystyrene when we take to the mean streets on our bicycles.  The topic of whether we should wear helmets always used to be overwhelmingly convincing on the 'yes' front, with naysayers being regarded as suicidal loons.  But now the ti ...

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