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F*cking London traffic lights

Whereas activists who work on the topic of urban London cycling are currently (rightly) concerned with the implementation of the Cycle Superhighways (much needed segregated lanes) and Quiet Ways, I want to think about the use of these spaces. In particular, I want to talk about traffic lights. That the Cycle Superhighways (CS for short) are well meaning if occasionally badly constructed is no secret. We sho ...

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A message to London road users: don’t be bags of dicks. Please.

On my commute into town today, I witnessed a few pieces of appalling driving and cycling. It strikes me, however, that the problem is not that drivers treat cyclists like lesser beings as often thought, but that most of them treat us like road users. Driver’s aren’t just arsehole’s to cyclists, they’re arseholes to each other, too. The first incident of terrible driving featured a white van (quelle surprise ...

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Critical Mass – what the hell?

Critical Mass is a spontaneous bike ride that happens in cities around the world on the last Friday of every month. Spontaneously. This report on Critical Mass is not representative of all Critical Mass Rides. I do not represent Critical Mass, nor am I responsible for it happening. The truth is nobody is, and nobody could be. Is that enough of a caveat? Good, grab a drink, get comfy (or uncomfortable, whate ...

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Vegetation welcome on the Thames, cyclists are not

The (estimated) £175m Garden bridge over the Thames, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, has finally been given clearance, but it has been confirmed that cycling will be banned on the crossing - they will be allowed to walk their bike across. The planning application was approved by the Westminster Council in a meeting of Planning Application Committee on the 2nd of December. Councilors at the meeting voted in ...

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Soon, We’ll All Be Sipping Peri-Air

During a tube strike earlier this year, a doctor told me that he and some of his colleagues had a glimpse of hope in the heart of London. For a day or two, the city was walking and riding bikes en-masse. It was fantastic, he said, if only the city kept it up, London might be a healthy place to live. But, the only time this happens is at the convenience of a tube strike. It is interesting the watch all the r ...

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Thank you, BMX stunt Boris!

When the scheme for the Barclays Cycle Hire was announced, critics all over London hi-fived each other. It was seen as game-changing and people pointed and laughed at those silly 4-wheeled vehicles that took up most of the road. “Cars? Those things are soooo 2009.” This bright idea was going to change the way Londoners commuted to work. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, licked his chops at the thought of ...

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From Commuter Cycling to Distance Cycling

Now, I'd say this is fine for my daily commute - but it isn't. It's crap. It can be really crap. I'm constantly relieved (and surprised) when I finish my journey and my wheels are still round. But this isn't about commuting, this about distance cycling, and how one translates to the other. I live in London, a city of eight million people, six thousand traffic lights and around half a million bike journey's ...

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