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FreeMaster Prescription Cycling Glasses – An unbiased review.

I'd never given prescription cycling glasses a thought before as I, until recently had worn contact lenses for nearly thirty years, I started wearing them in my early teens, honest! Okay it may have been VERY early twenties, but definitely no later than that. Unfortunately after a painful eye infection I was advised to cut down my wear time from fourteen hours a day, seven days a week to no more than eight ...

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Garmin Virb Elite – BRUTAL review

Why review the Garmin Virb Elite? The Garmin Virb Elite is not the 'current' or most up to date model in the popular Garmin cam range.  So why are we reviewing an old model?  Well I'm glad you asked.  Although you probably didn't ask did you?  Most of the products we review here at VeloBalls are brand new, or at least current models, like the great Source Fuse hydration pack. But buying brand new comes with ...

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Hydration pack review – Source Fuse 2017

Hydration packs are a bit of an odd thing to try and review.  In my experience a hydration pack either holds water and has a tube that works, or it doesn't.  But cycling technology marches onward, so when the nice folk at Wheelies sent VeloBalls a Source Fuse Hydration Pack I decided to find out if the exciting world of bags of water has moved on since I last looked in on it. Although I wouldn't call myself ...

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Tannus solid tyres – an HONEST review

Like all humans who like to use pedals I live in fear of a menace whose name it is forbidden to mention on group rides, a terror that can strike on any road surface anywhere in the world. Yes, the ‘P’ word, the P-fairy (hmm, I never realised how wrong that sounds). P to the uncture. Flatties, unscheduled pressurizations, unplanned rubber ventilation, I’m afraid we can’t hide behind any of these names for th ...

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Northwave Fahrenheit GTX (Gore-Tex) Winter Road Shoes review

I bought my Northwave Fahrenheit February 2013  and have worn nothing else since.  I think the purchase of these boots still constitutes the largest amount of money I've ever spend on one 'thing' for cycling, and it was worth it more than anything else I've bought, possibly more than some bikes I've owned! Prior to buying these boots I spent at least a few seasons messing about with various socks and oversh ...

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