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Motorists – please don’t close pass cyclists in tuck

I shot the video below this morning.  I record my rides, not so much to glorify my riding (slow & inelegant) but because I love to film the countryside around where I live in Suffolk.  This morning I was descending what passes for a hill around here and a motorist gave me a bit of a fright.  I'm not posting this video to moan about the driver in question, but because I think some motorists don't underst ...

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Bike helmets maybe the worst thing to happen to society

If you want to raise apoplexy in a serious cyclist, mention helmets. No other subject is so guaranteed to drive them into a frenzy of indignation. (Something for which, it has to be said, serious cyclists do tend to have something of a talent.) What do they get so worked up about? Why don’t they just chill? And why do so many of them refuse to wear helmets, when they’re so obviously a good idea? Well, the t ...

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Frog Bikes Survey Shows Parents Tend to Opt for In-Home Bike Maintenance

Earlier this week, reported on a survey performed by youth bike maker Frog Bikes, which showed that most parents do not take the time to have professional mechanics perform safety checks on their children’s bicycles. The survey of over 2,000 UK parents showed that most parents prefer to perform safety checks and maintenance themselves, and even found that a small percentage of parents had neve ...

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John doesn’t want to die

I know quite a lot of people that I think should be on a bike. John, for example. John’s at the age – mid-40s – where things start to spread and immortality is no longer guaranteed. Plus I know he loathes travelling on the tube, which also costs him getting on for a hundred quid a month. So there’s no doubt in my mind that John should get a bike. But he won’t. Why not? One reason, I suspect, is the capital ...

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Hi-Tech Bus Solutions For Low Quality Infrastructure Problems

Bristol is trialling some fancy technology to alert bus drivers to the fact that cyclists made be on the inside of their combustion monsters Well, first, why any cyclist would cycle up the inside of a moving bus is beyond me. Secondly, why any cyclist would stay beside a stopped bus, rather than get in front, is beside me. Thirdly, why any bus driver would overtake a cyclist … Oh, I get it now. And while th ...

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