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Strava….. Friend or Foe?

The tabloids often go Strava bashing, i.e. writing negative articles about how us cyclists are putting ourselves and others in danger by K.O.M (king of the mountain) chasing.... and we get all indignant about it...... Should we? They use Strava as the big bad wolf even though there are many similar websites... Ridewithgps, Endomondo, even Garmin now have their own version. It's just Strava is by far the mos ...

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Bimbling (a.k.a Pootling)

Commuting to work is great, it saves fuel money that can be used to buy bikes (and bike-bits), but the several hours of work in-between seem to spoil what would otherwise be a cracking ride.  Using every ride as a serious training session, powering up inclines like 'Cav' or treating every long straight as a time-trial and going for it 'Wiggo' style can get repetitive and boring. Sometimes what you need to d ...

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A “Nutt” From Rotherham is Looking to Ride into History

….Ricky Nutt, that is. The cyclist from Britain is smashing asphalt whenever he can. June is the perfect month to do so, and Nutt is using the month’s extra sun time to bike himself into a world record. In essence, he is Rotherham’s version of Forrest Gump. The only difference is he chooses not to sport the heavy set beard and is fully clothed in body-tight lycra. He rides for the love of the sport. But, th ...

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