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A (tongue-in-cheek) Presentation for Motorists

WARNING: If you are a motorists And Do Not ride a bike you may wish to navigate away from this page now, by continuing to read you accept all responsibility for any increase in blood pressure that may occur....     I do drive a car, but reluctantly. It's just really for family trips and (all too frequent) shopping trips. Sometimes I just point blank refuse to move from the sofa to drive to Tesco (other supe ...

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Bicycle bondage storage system

Stumbling into the 'did it need to be done?' category of bike gear design we have a giant stretchy skater belt that claims to be able to hold your groceries safely on your bike.  We're possibly being a little unkind, if there's one thing that bikes always benefit from it's a bit of free-thinking.  We've often looked at the void formed by the 'triangle' in the middle of bike frames and wondered whether the s ...

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Bike vs Bus = Dickend

Watch this video... Fucking ow, right? My initial reaction was 'that's fucking nasty!', my second was 'what a fucking idiot'. Then, 'thank god he's alive' and finally 'I hope he never teaches anybody to cycle in his life, ever.' He is a grade-A dickend and a prime example of exactly how not to cycle in anywhere, especially one where cycling infrastructure is bollocks - such as London. There is a point to no ...

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Hi-Tech Bus Solutions For Low Quality Infrastructure Problems

Bristol is trialling some fancy technology to alert bus drivers to the fact that cyclists made be on the inside of their combustion monsters Well, first, why any cyclist would cycle up the inside of a moving bus is beyond me. Secondly, why any cyclist would stay beside a stopped bus, rather than get in front, is beside me. Thirdly, why any bus driver would overtake a cyclist … Oh, I get it now. And while th ...

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