Team Sky had a lovely day, and didn’t home empty handed.

Team Sky

They were almost there; so close that they could almost taste victory had they stuck their tongues out. Team Sky would have won their second consecutive bronze in the World Team Time Trial in Ponferrada had it not been for the defending champions, Omega Pharma – Quickstep getting to the finish just two measly seconds. But say what you want, this is the clash of the gods and every second counts. Team Sky performed exquisitely in that they set the 3rd fastest time at the first checkpoint and the second quickest in the next two, to the extent that they were second up on the eventual winners BMC. The only drawback of it all being that they lost both Salvatore Puccio and Geraint Thomas before the halfway point and had to finish with a minimum of four riders.

Vasil Kiriyienka and Brad Wiggins along with Kanstantsin Suitsou and Dario Cataldo (despite his injury at Vuelta), performed brilliantly and sped through the finish line. Having bronzed last year, Sky started off late and was caught in the rain while they were still off course. This obviously slowed them down and hence they tried to make do with a technical finish in Ponferrada. For those of our beloved readers who melt in the rain and never go out in it, it makes roads slippery and costs our poor riders a few seconds every minute (Oh! So that’s where all those physics and friction lectures were applicable! *gasp*) But it’s all in good spirit and Team Sky realize that the other teams had to go through the same conditions (We hate you, stupid weather!) and hold no grudges.

Rather, they might just be motivated enough to win later on in other races and finally medal once again.