Thank you, BMX stunt Boris!

boris bikes bmx stunts

When the scheme for the Barclays Cycle Hire was announced, critics all over London hi-fived each other. It was seen as game-changing and people pointed and laughed at those silly 4-wheeled vehicles that took up most of the road.

“Cars? Those things are soooo 2009.”

This bright idea was going to change the way Londoners commuted to work. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, licked his chops at the thought of its success.

“Imagine, my bikes all over London weaving in and out of the city. It will be so popular that we might run out. We would need to expand and then expand again. And what about the sales of tight-fitting biker shorts? We need to make sure we have enough. This is going to be the hottest thing since sliced bread.”

And he was right, well, not about the biker shorts, but the need to expand. It was successful and even had a generous sponsor to smack a blue colored logo on it. Barclays signed a meager deal for five years. Then one day, his beautiful blue bikes were everywhere. Docking stations littered the streets and riders began to call those bikes, “Boris bikes.”

They did what they were supposed to do. Want to see the beautiful sights of London? Hop on a bike. How about taking in some scenery while shopping? Stop by a docking station and make a quick friend.

But, I don’t think Boris saw this coming. His bikes are starting to become symbols of protest for FightMe.

“We wanted to creatively be part of doing something different,” said CEO Joelle Hadfield. And FightMe does just that, BMX riders Andrei Burton and Joe Seddon can be seen taking these Boris bikes to places they have never been before including famous landmarks and tourist areas.

Impressive, yes, but there is a bigger cause here. These videos show a lack of space for thrilling displays of Boris-bikedom shown here. And that is what FightMe is trying to do, grant proper avenue for our youth to express themselves creatively.