Three in one – transport, exercise and fun

Rob Hatley

My first day at a new place of work, ten miles from home. Of course I drove. One hour and forty minutes later I was seriously hacked off at having sat in traffic for that long. “I could cycle it in that time” I thought. And so I did. Yes, the muscles ached for a bit, and I got wet and cold on the odd time when it rained.

Ten years later and I’m still doing it (albeit on a slightly better bike than when I started).

Having started because it would be quicker (and it consistently is), I do it now for many more reasons :

  • It’s fun
  • I stay fit
  • I can eat what I want
  • It saves time
  • It saves a whole lot of money
  • The journey time is completely predictable (a great stress reducer)

And on a very whimsical front, I get to stay connected with the seasons and the great outdoors (which is hard to do from behind a desk and a steering wheel).

Aside from the real practical benefits of commuting, my passion for cycling has resulted in a whole new pastime, and some great adventures and challenges on the way.

Rob Hatley