Tour of Britain to Host Support Events in Brighton; Unicyclists Welcome

unicycle race Brighton

This Friday, British cycling fans were delighted to find out that they’d be welcome to compete in several support events centred on the finishing line of the Tour of Britain’s final stage in Brighton. The Tour’s penultimate stage will begin in Camberley, with races in Brighton set to be run throughout the morning and early afternoon in anticipation of a 3PM arrival of the professionals. reports that the public will be welcome to compete in both a men’s and women’s race, as well as a children’s race which will kick off the day. Personally, though, I’m most excited to hear that the event will feature a 1km unicycle race, with prizes awarded not for speed but for the strength of the competitors’ costumes.

The event will surely add some fun to a race that is already set to be quite entertaining, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why the organisers decided to stop at unicycles. If there’s still time, I’d like to submit the following suggestions for other races I’d like to see on the road at Brighton:

  • I’ve always wanted to see a race made up of those massive Surrey bikes. It’d be great to see either one of those, or perhaps simply to amend the rules for one stage so that each team must pile into one Surrey.
  • OK, we’ve covered bicycles, unicycles and now quads, I guess the only number left unchecked here is the classic tricycle race. This one would be fun if open to children, but it could be fun AND terrifying if it were also open to clowns.
  • In the same realm as the surrey race idea: did you know they now have surreys which carry full, working bars on them? How about a race where everyone is in a group on one of these, and as an added challenge there would be a set amount of beer that must be drunk before the finish.
  • Tour of Britain: I hope you’ll take these ideas seriously and I eagerly await your response.