UCI to get dope on dope

UCI doping

New plans to form international anti-doping units will be formed in 2015 to provide equality in all cases, this was announced by UCI in a press release.
The new independent body will be held responsible by UCI to deal with all doping cases involving international riders which are currently being handled by their respective national federations.

This new decision is a followup of series of doping cases by the renowned riders American professional cyclist Lance Armstrong and Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador. This move came just after the Lance Armstrong’s confession of his doping in all of Tour de France competitions that he won.

Cycling governing body (the UCI) also believes that this move will result in lower cases going to the Global Sports Arbitration Count (CAS) and it will also end non-standardization in individual federations’ investigations.

UCI would no longer need to refer each decision to Court Arbitration of Sport (CAS), nor will it have right to do so under this new model since all the responsibilities will be handed over to the independently responsible anti-doping unit.

The official UCI statement reveals that UCI’s 14 member Management Committee recommended to form an Anti-Doping Tribunal to deal with cases that are involving international players to improve anti-doping processes.

The statement also reported that the tribunal will be made up of judges specialising in anti-doping, this tribunal will be fully independent of UCI. This move will also mark standardization of anti-doping process also this tribunal will ensure that the cases are cleared in short timetable.

This move will mark reduction in number of cases currently referred to CAS on appeal and will decrease the burden on national federations. Also it will ensure consistency across the decisions, added UCI in statement.
UCI’s official statement also confirmed that this anti-doping unit will be fully functional in 2015 after consultation with respective national federations.