Va Va Froome Drops Subtle Bradley Bomb

Chris Froome rumours

Everyone’s favourite bike-themed battle has renewed hostilities. Subtle verbal jabs have been released from Tour de France favourite Chris Froome regarding his BFF and teammate, Sir Bradley Wiggins. With Wiggins’ role during next month’s Tour de France in question, Froome proceeded to help push Wiggins off a cliff…gently.

In a statement in Yorkshire, he mentioned “Plan B” and expressed his affection for a great replacement, Richie Porte.

“Richie is looking pretty good at the moment and has the potential to be riding for a place on the podium.”

Take that as you want, but the history between these two cycling titans is as pretty as lipstick on a pig.

Froome has lovingly accused Wiggins of disappearing behind a “gruff geezer cloak.” He isn’t alone in his views apparently. His teammates have quipped that they, “rode around him and his moods like he was a traffic island.” I’m only guessing, but I think Froome won’t be receiving a christmas card from the Wiggins family any time soon.

Va Va Froome remarked that he was not trying to pour salt on old wounds and the story had to be seen from his eyes also.

But, Froome had other things to focus on, primarily next month’s Tour de France. He sped through the Dales to gain a proper footing on what to expect from the race’s first two stages. He felt, “incredibly nervous, but excited,” and was “blown away” by all the ambiance the scenery had to offer.

Froome retracted (a bit) regarding next month’s uncertainty.

“That’s going to come down to what is best for the team, who is best for each role and the team dynamics.”

The Tour de France is already must see TV. But, Team Sky’s version of Big Brother UK will be sure to add extra intrigue.

Bye Bye Bradley?