Wiggins gets silver at Glasgow

Bradley Wiggins Commonwealth Games 2014

Bradley Wiggins missed out on getting a gold medal of this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow by would could be seen as a disappointing margin of five seconds.  Australia beat England into second place silver, but being the optimistic fellows that we are we’d say that silver on the track at a major games is a pretty damned good achievement for a rider who has been concentrating on the very different discipline of road cycling.

Wiggins has an astonishingly good history of bringing home the medals at these huge international events, but for this even the 4,000 metre team pursuit is the only game that he will take part in.

Wiggins’ team comprised of Steven Burke, Ed Clancy and Andy Tennant, and it has been noted that they were lucky to get as far as they did.  But we say that attitude sucks.  If you watch the footage you’ll see that Australia weren’t just good, they were record-breakingly good.

However, we do think it’s a shame that we’re not going to see Bradley Wiggins on the road race, that’s where he truly shines.