Wiggins Wigged Out

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The proverbial hammer has been dropped. Sir Bradley Wiggins has officially been omitted from Team Sky’s lineup for the cycling world’s biggest prize, the Tour de France. And it was not a mutual break-up:

“I am gutted. I feel I am in the form I was in two years ago. Now if I want to the Tour again, the reality is that I might have to go elsewhere.”

Wiggins sounded more like a jilted ex-lover who was not invited to the high school prom than a man who was victorious in 2012’s edition of the Tour de France. Besides, he has other races to worry about. But what puts the cherry on top of this scandalous sundae is that his BFF Chris Froome predicted this moment. And there is no love lost between the two:

“The team is focused around Chris Froome.” Aww, do I see the green monster? Jealous are we? Didn’t your mother teach you to share when you were little Sir Bradley? Now be a good boy, and watch the race on TV like the rest of us. Despite the bleak outlook, Wiggins has the tiniest glimmer of hope.

“If he crashes, there’d still be a chance I could come into the team. As it stand, all being well, Chris staying fit and healthy that’s the team that’ll roll out.”

That scares me just a tad. Did Wiggins just incriminate himself? Is he going to pull off a Tonya Harding on innocent ol’ Froome? Chris, if you are reading this, please hire more security. Use the buddy system when you use the bathroom. Hold hands with someone when you cross the street. There is nothing worse than a woman scorned or in this case a former Tour de France champ whose feelings are really hurt.